Professional Telephone Skills Training Course

  Introduction & Course Outline


One of the most important and powerful elements of the modern marketing mix, telemarketing plays a vital role in contemporary business. As one of very few approaches to marketing that involve brand representatives talking directly with clients and in real-time, the potential for effective telemarketing as a sales tool is near-infinite. What makes telemarketing all the more relevant from a 21st century *perspective is the way in which almost every consumer now carries a mobile telephone at all times. For the first time in history, directly reaching out to any person at any time and with any message at all is 100% possible. This online telemarketing course, offers the perfect foundation upon which to begin an exploration of high-level sales and marketing from a contemporary corporate perspective. Whether looking to advance an existing career or set out in a brand new direction, this concis *e yet comprehensive course covers all the skills, knowledge and industry insights required to take the next crucial step forward. Course cont *ent on telemarketing courses, begins by providing candidates with a broad overview of verbal communication techniques in general, followed by an introduction to professional listening skills, script development and the essentials of pre-call planning. Ultimately, successful candidates benefit from the highly-valued skills and knowledge required to succeed as professionally-qualified telesales workers, or pursue supervisory positions.

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